December 9, 1939

Saturday Night
Dec. 9, 1939.

Dearest Sweetheart:

We were so glad to have your letter of Thursday night today. I had been thinking and thinking of your conference with Dr. B., and wondering how it would come out. It looks as if you have things going your way, doesn’t it? I’m glad that you will have so much to say about the consolidation etc; also, I’m glad there was no struggle over the salary. Now I’m wondering where your leave comes in, and when we are going to move. No doubt those things will have to be decided after you have made your trip to Texas.

December 9, 1939

December 9, 1939

Lewis Dunbar was so pleased to have your letter. He wanted to write you and Claudelle tonight, but I persuaded him to wait until morning as he was so sleepy.

We are very happy that Claudelle is coming. Polly and I want to know just when she will arrive, so we can meet her.

I read Polly’s letter from you over the telephone to her. She asked me to thank you for it and to tell you that she would be glad to remain in Mpls. as long as she is needed here; also that she was glad to know that she still had a job. You know her name has been omitted from most of the plans for the personnel. She was glad to continue working this month instead of taking leave, because she really had no place she cared to go, and she would hardly know what to do with a vacation in Mpls. Not that she complained at all when it looked like she was going to have to take leave, but I just know she preferred to continue working.

Kenneth was pleased when I read him the paragraph you wrote about him.

We had a good time last night. I left the children with Louise while Polly & I entertained Kenneth, Helen, and Hallie Fulcher at dinner at the “Wishing Well.” It is on LaSalle back of the Y.M.C.A. The food was good, and Mrs. O’Brian, the fortune teller, is remarkable. I’ll tell you some things she told me when you return. The fortune telling is included in each dinner. Polly & I plan to take Claudelle there. After dinner Kenneth & Helen took us to a movie.

Honey, will you please send me a list of the men in the work to whom you wish to send Christmas cards? Or would you prefer sending them yourself? If so, will you tell me the names so we will not duplicate? Of course I realize that you don’t want to send one to all the men, but I know there were a few special ones you wished to remember.

Dr. & Mrs. Dickinson & baby had hardly gotten out of Mpls on their way east when someone ran into their car and demolished it, but fortunately they were uninjured. The man who caused the accident was sentenced to a number of days in jail, and the Dickinsons hope to get a new car from the insurance co. About the same time, I believe, Mr. & Mrs. Gray Butcher and children were making a trip in their car when a coal truck ran into them as they (the Butchers) were passing another truck at high speed, Mr. Butcher admitted. The children were uninjured, but Mr. B. received a severe cut on the face, almost from ear to mouth, and Mrs. B. was very seriously injured about the head and elsewhere, I believe. She is still in the hospital. I almost forgot to say that the Dickinsons proceeded to the east by train a few days after their accident.

I have mailed all Christmas packages except to Mother Dove & Revah. I thought I would send a shirt to Revah – size 18 collar, I believe – and Mother Dove prefers a check. Would you mail her the check please? I believe she would appreciate it more if it came from you.

Our weather continues to be very mild – down to about 23º at night and up to 45º or 50 during the day – and as dry as a bone. I noticed that last month was the driest November in Minn. for over 100 years.

Your last letter was unique; it is the first one I have received from you in almost 2 years that did not contain a mention of grasshoppers. When I told Kenneth about it he was pleased; he said your change of thought will refresh you. I’m glad you are having a little social life while you are in Wash. Kenneth & I agreed that a touch of that in the future would be of great benefit to you.

We are very happy that you plan to be with us at Christmas; it just wouldn’t be much Christmas without you.

Lots of love to you & to Claudelle.