December 7, 1939

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Thursday Night

My dear Sweetheart,

I have just had dinner with Mr. Gaddis & Claudelle. We left Claudelle at her address and BM brought me here a few minutes ago. It was a very good dinner.

December 7, 1939

December 7, 1939

Had my first good talk with Mr. Bishopp today, and I have asked for reports for the past five years, his work program for each project and a copy of his budget for this year. They are still looking up files to find them & when Miss Lynch returns tomorrow I am quite sure I’ll get them. He had proposed to transfer two men to take care of me, but I told him today that the amount saved in them would not be enough and that I was quite sure that the chief did not intend that I be reduced in salary. He said that he understood that I was to have the minimum of the principal grade, $5600. This means that there is now no doubt about that and that my job is to see that the new alignment will provide this much with advantage to the work. I have some good ideas on how to affect the economies. He agreed that Schroeder could be transferred to Alfalfa Weevil survey & I’ll take steps to transfer him between June 1 to 15th.

I’ve seen a few motions from Bish which I am skeptical of, but I think I can handle. Stage should have left here today but left Wednesday with stops planned at the different research labs in Florida & Texas before returning to Portland. If he is out covering up weaknesses before my arrival I’ll be pretty sure to detect it.

Claudelle & I were invited to Bishopp’s last Saturday & I was treated very fine. Yesterday I went to his office at noon & not finding him there I opened different doors to locate him and Stage. After I opened Cushing’s door & peeked in, a voice in the hall asked whom I was looking for. It was Mrs. Bishopp & she asked in a mean accusing manner. Bishopp was with her. I told her I was looking for her. Then I told her I wanted to see Stage before he left. I was then informed that Stage left yesterday & was driving to the southern stations.

Today when I saw Bish he invited Claudelle & I to come to another party at his house on this Saturday night to meet some more folks. We are going. The conference today did not continue the icy atmosphere yesterday, but apparently with a full understanding that I was to examine & report on his division & recommend such changes as would provide a place for myself & improve the efficiency. Gaddis seems to enjoy my assignment & thinks it OK for the Bureau.

Hearings before the Congressional Committee eliminated the new item for encephalomyelitis but with no other cuts for Bish’s division. In other words we can plan next year on the same basis as funds for this year.

In about another week or so I’ll visit Florida & Texas stations. Claudelle is planning to come to Mpls & then go to Uvalde for Xmas. She plans to leave here the Saturday after next.

Please give my very best wishes to Kenneth Helen & Miss Fulcher. The Gulfport project needs Kenneth. Tell him his stock rates high in Wash. His promotion will not be to the next grade but two less than the next grade & the same as Messenger’s.

With love,