July 21, 1939

Friday A.M.
July 21, 1939.

Dear Sweetheart:

Lewis Dunbar is in the back yard building a railroad and Walter White is at Ina Marie’s where he spent last night. They are enjoying the freedom of the wide open spaces immensely. Mama and I have carried them on several picnics. Yesterday afternoon we carried our boys and Ina Marie to the Nueces for supper and a swim. It was the first time they had been in the river since the flood, so I felt that I had to go in and locate any deep holes that might have been left. There were some, but I stood on the edge of them while the children swam to me over the shallow section. As much as I dislike the water, I feel that I should go in with them now while the water is clean. When we first came it was too dirty in most places for them to go.

July 21, 1939

July 21, 1939

Honey, you remember the car was missing some when we arrived in Uvalde. It grew worse, so I asked Papa to take it to Ray Baker, the best mechanic in town. Papa stayed with him while he examined it, and found that the overheating of the motor had done quite a bit of damage; he said we never would have been able to make the return trip with it in that condition. The points were bent, two valves had to be replaced and the others ground. I don’t remember what else had to be done except I had the crippled hose replaced with a new piece. The bill was $18.55*. I gave a check for $33.55 to cover it and to give me cash for $15.00, which I might need. I’m sure this work was not a mistake; I’ve never heard our car run like it did before the work was done.

It had been 7 months since my teeth had been examined, so I went to Dr. Massie and had them cleaned and the small amount of necessary work done. The bill will not be much. He examined Lewis Dunbar’s teeth and said it had been a long time since he had seen as fine a set of teeeth in the mouth of a child his age; they were perfect. I am taking Walter White today; I think the report will be the same on his. Dr. Massie doesn’t make any charge for just an examination.

I hope you are finding time to take your daily walk – and relax. It will pay.

Dr. and Mrs. Donier (recently he has received his Dr’s degree from Ames) have just been informed by Dr. Bishopp that they are to be in California by August 1st to work on gnats with Mr. Lindquist. They don’t seem to relish the idea. They are expecting a little Donier some months from now.

I hope you’re not playing on the Dibbles’ lawn.

Lots of love,

* That’s $226.32 in today’s dollars. Apparently the cost of car repair has gone up considerably faster than inflation.