July 22, 1939 (Ina)

Saturday A.M.
July 22, 1939.

Dearest Sweetheart:

I judge from the enclosed letter from Mother Dove that either she is a mind reader or you have written her that we are going by there en route to Minneapolis. I replied to her letter yesterday and admitted that the children and I had been planning that way. I promised that we would let her know when we would be there as soon as we learned when you could go. I know it is against your principles to let her know when to expect us, but I know she much prefers to know, and it will be much easier for her as she can arrange her work so as to be with us more.

July 22, 1939 (Ina)

July 22, 1939 (Ina)

We are anxious to make the visit. The children are especially looking forward to being at the farm, so please don’t plan to go to the house in Roxie or to Ethel’s instead. If your time is limited you might want to fly to Dallas; the children and I would be glad to meet you there. According to the map it is 365 miles to Dallas from Uvalde, and 374 miles from Dallas to Natchez by way of Shreveport. The map shows a paved short cut to Natchez from Shreveport. We shouldn’t think of returning to Mpls. without visiting Mother Dove; she would feel hurt, and I don’t blame her.

Mama, the boys, and I plan to drive to Barksdale tomorrow afternoon to see Mr. & Mrs. Fisher. I’m wondering how you are going to spend the day Sunday.

We have just about decided not to spend a day in San Antonio. It would be a little expensive, and we haven’t any business there except to visit friends. Perhaps we can see them some time in not the far distant future when we may be transferred to the South – we hope, we hope.

We love you lots, Honey.

Always, your

This jittery writing is not caused by nervousness; I’m using my lap for a desk.