July 19, 1939

Wednesday Afternoon.
July 19, 1939.

Dearest Sweetheart:

Thank you for your letter and the air mail stamps. Often in writing you I have had the uncomfortable feeling that you think the reading of my letters takes up too much of your valuable time. It pleases me greatly to feel now that I was wrong. I shall be delighted to use the postage. The clever grasshopper post card puzzles Lewis Dunbar; he said he didn’t know they had such big grasshoppers. No doubt he has visions of capturing such a one on our return trip.

July 19, 1939

July 19, 1939

We are having a quiet, pleasant visit. We don’t see Reitha a great deal; she has a date almost every night, but not with the same one every time. She has been with Bolivar Black of Del Rio twice. The heat of our first week here almost finished her, she thought. We were entirely wrong in thinking that Thelma Lee had any regrets about her marriage. She is as happy as a bride, and Paul is as happy as she is. He makes $100.00 a month, and they live on it without the help of anyone.

If the survey begins on August 1st, will you be able to make your plans and requests for another year some time in September? I’m so anxious for you to let the Powers know that you are not going through another year like this one has been.

I don’t think I have ever thought of you as often as I have since we have been away this time, Honey. Some of my thoughts are very disturbing, based upon a sudden realization that I had just before we left Minneapolis.

You don’t know how much I love you.


[Enclosed letters from Lewis and Walter White.]

Dear Daddy I love you

July 18, 1939
220 W Mesquite
Uvalde, Tex

Dear Daddy,
We have had a good time here in Uvalde. We wish you were here. Mother wonders if you could come down here so we can all go to Mother Dove’s. We hope you will do it.

Yours Truly,
Walter D.

July 19, 1939
220 W. Mesquite
Uvalde, Tex.

Dear Daddy,

I have read your letter and I enjoyed it very much. We are using one of the stamps you sent us for this letter.

Your Son
Walter D.