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November 5, 1938 (from Elvira White)

Uvalde, Tex.
Nov 5 – 1938.

Mr. & Mrs. Dove,

I am just coming to my self after the shock of my sister Mada. Don’t seem like it is true. We are so sad. When you called over the phone Sunday morning and said she was sick, I knew she must have been low sick then, so I began to worry and cry. Sent my mother a telegram in New Mexico. Could not find her so the next day which was Monday, I sent a special to one of my friends asking for her to find Mother for me and tell her Mada was low sick. So just as I mailed the letter and come back home, the telegram boy came. I opened it and just saw the word died, and it like to killed me, just made me sick.

November 5, 1938 (from Elvira White)

November 5, 1938 (from Elvira White)

I prayed so hard for her to get well, but the Lord’s will was done. She was my sweet sister. I loved her so much, and my children was just crazy about her. Just don’t know what we are going to do without her. We are full of sorrow. Had letters from friends in San Antonio and said they were crying about Mada. Oh, she was so sweet we’ll never forget her. She will always cling in my heart as long as I live. When my mother did get the news, it made her sick, and she is not feeling so well now.

Mr. and Mrs. Dove, I want to let you know that we highly appreciate your kind deeds, and all the good you did for Mada, when she was sick. God will bless you some day, after we read your letter we understand that you done your best to save her. We feel like it is true. Oh, she could have been saved if she would let some one know her trouble. Poor child, maybe she didn’t know she was in that fix. I am sure.

I am sure you all were out of lots of money, if I was just able to pay some of that. She did not have any insurance in Uvalde. She did have at one time, but she got out of it. When she was in S.A. she joined the Tennessee insurance. It is found in the Travis Building in S.A. but if she didn’t keep it up, well she will not get any thing at all. Did you look in her room? Well, the Tennessee man will be in Uvalde next week and I will ask all about it. If there is any money in it, you will get it. We will be glad to do that. I will see what I can do about it and let you know at once. Mada looked so sweet, you had her fixed up so nice, and that made us feel so good. You and Dr. Dove have been highly praised by all, white and black, for the shipment of Mada’s body, and has been highly appreciated by the entire family. Her father took the bill over when the body arrived. Don’t know for sure just what it cost. Let me know what you all’s bill was in your next letter.

I will look for Mada’s clothes when you have time to get them together, and send to me. Did she have a trunk? She said she was paying on a coat, did she ever get it out? Mrs. Dove when you send the trunk charge on this end and I will pay it out. I feel like you all have done more than your part. I will always remember you and Dr. Dove, also pray that you will have good luck all your days. When you are in Uvalde let me know, I’ll come to see you.

Wish I could take Mada’s place with you all. Talk about me to your little boys so they will know me. Maybe that I can help you in some way. I always enjoy talking with your mother.

Answer soon,

Elvira White
267 N. Grove St.
Uvalde, Tex.

October 9, 1925

Friday Night.

My Dear Little Girl,

Have worked hard all day toward closing up work and getting things together for the trip. It looks as though it will be Monday before I get started. It will take that long. As there will be no one here in the house I am getting things so that they can be stored. Also some material I’ll send to Washington and get that out of the say. Today I used all of my animals and there will be none to leave with the neighbors for attention.

October 9, 1925

October 9, 1925

You are a good shot to have killed the snake by shooting it through the head. They have rattle snakes down here so I am told, but I have never seen one. It might be a good idea to keep in practice with your shooting. If you had the revolver in the pocket of your car Sweetheart, and also had it loaded, it might be handy when you need it the next time. Really, no kidding, you should have it there for protection when you are driving. I often read and hear of cases in which a negro jumps on the running board. I wouldn’t have you frightened that way for anything in the world, and I’d feel better if I knew that you had some protection in case such a thing should happen to you.*

With a real sweet goodnight and with all my love, your,


* Yes, these letters were written in the early 20th century, and I’m not editing them. Walter’s and Ina’s opinions are their own, and were a product of the times and places they lived in.