August 20, 1941

Wednesday P.M.
Aug. 20, 1941.

Dearest Sweetheart:

We were so happy to have your card today. Could you write more often? It had seemed such a long time since we had heard.

August 20, 1941

August 20, 1941

It was a great relief to know that Dr. Arman had been been chosen Chief. It probably would have been better if Mr. Hoyt could have been, but Dr. Arman most certainly is better than an outsider. Now that the chiefship is settled, perhaps the ball will begin rolling again. I’m anxious to know what your assignment will be. I know of only one person who qualifies perfectly for Dr. Arman’s former position. It would be nice if others with more authority than I would see it that way, and would act accordingly.

All the boys are fine. W.W. is spending the afternoon at Ina Marie’s. L.D. had his whooping cough shot Saturday. Dr. Fielder used the serum that we brought. Tommy is a little cross because he is cutting some upper teeth. It is the greatest relief to be free of the worry about polio. Have any new cases developed in Bay County?

No doubt you are having a nice, quiet time without your family. We hope you are eating and sleeping regularly, and are feeling well. We miss you lots.

Honey, will you please see that the front shades are kept down in the mornings so that the sun will not fade the furniture and rug? I am so sorry I forgot to give you the key before we left you. No doubt you have received it by now.

Regards to the people at the lab and their families.

I’m sorry that the control project is so slow in going though.

“Associate Chief” is a new position created in the bureau, is it not? That certainly places Mr. Hoyt next to the chief.

Lots of love & best wishes from your family.

Always, your