January 15, 1932

Jan 15, 1932
Friday Night.

My dear Sweetheart,

Yesterday and today I have been visiting. I visited with Dr. White yesterday morning and last night he and I ate at the Allies. Spent yesterday PM and this AM & PM with Bish and the people we called on. We called on Dr. Marlatt and I had a chance to tell him of our work at Chas. He had been reading my reports. His questions showed it. Says he is going to drive south this spring and promised to stop at Chas a while. He asked about the gardens.

January 15, 1932

January 15, 1932

Did not get a promise of a truck sprayer but they are trying to locate one for me. Bish and I called on the Plant Quarantine Administration regarding it. Think I’ll see Rohiver tomorrow morning. I think he can be of more help to me than anyone else. Bish visits but does not say yes or no. He is afraid to tell anyone anything for sure, except that we can’t do anything. I am mighty glad that I am not located up here. There seems to be no chance of getting Gilbert in up here and so far I have had no encouragement for another appointment for Frank. I am afraid that we cannot keep him after March 4th. I am trying to get the truck sprayer and this should be a strong argument for Frank’s reappointment.

I hope that everything is going well with you and Buddy. If it is as warm there as it is here, you do not need to have a furnace fire. I’ll have to be here Monday and possibly longer. You can bet that I’ll come home as soon as I feel that I have accomplished all that I can here.

Everyone asks of you and Buddy. Saw Dr. Roark this AM. Will try to call while I am here & see Mrs. Roark.

I love you Honey.