January 14, 1932

Stationery from the Hotel Houston, 910 E Street NW, Washington, DC; “All rooms with shower bath – A room and a bath for two and a half.”

My dear Sweetheart,

Had a good rest and arrived on time, about 6:40 A.M. The train was not crowded but the Washington car was filled. I had a berth in a NY City car and this one did not stay here. Had to get up a little earlier than I would have in a Wash. car.

January 14, 1932

January 14, 1932

It is very foggy here this A.M. It was difficult to see the buildings from a street car on Penn. Ave. Had breakfast on the Ave. & then came here. This is the hotel Mr. Reid suggested. It has a Charleston atmosphere, dirty bath room and dim lights. But it doesn’t cost $4.00 like the Harrington, only $2.50. The shower bath looks like it might work.

I hope you had a good rest and that Buddy is not too much trouble. Honey, I don’t like for you to lift him. I believe the little step ladder stool in the kitchen, would be about right for his bed. I think it would be a good idea to try and let him climb into his bed. Also when he gets up, let him use it to climb down.

I’ll try to get through here as soon as possible. I have no idea just when this will be. I may get home Sunday A.M. but don’t be disappointed if I don’t get back that soon.

I love you Honey, and you too Buddy.