August 26, 1928

Box 509, Uvalde, Texas,
August 26, 1928.

Mrs. Lily May Adams,
Mart, Texas,

My dear Mrs. Adams,

I am in receipt of your kind letters regarding my personal expense in the affairs of Frank’s. There is no charge for anything that I have looked after for you.

August 26, 1928

August 26, 1928

At the time I made out Frank’s expense account I was under the impression that I could pay the expense for his meals and lodging and for laundry from August 1st to the 4th inclusive, and that I could turn in the receipts on my expense account. I have learned that this cannot be entered on my expenses. Therefore, I have made out his account on another blank and I have added the items to it. You will find the account enclosed herewith, and you will note that it calls for $80.93. The account which you mailed to Dr. F.C. Bishopp, Bureau of Entomology, Washington, D.C. was in the amount of $73.43. The difference of $7.50 is accounted for by the enclosed receipts. If you will swear to the account just as you did on the other copy, and mail it to Dr. Bishopp with the enclosed receipts it will be substituted for the account which you have already sent. Within about three weeks you should receive a check for the new amount.

I have no charges to make except the check which I replaced with mine, and for the $7.50 for which I have added to the new account. If my memory is correct the check was $16.21 and the $7.50 would make a total of $23.71. If you care to send me a check for this amount, my address will be Camp Wood, Texas, care of General Delivery, during next week.

The expense of the undertaker here can rest until Mr. Parman has instructions from the government. He will write you when he has heard from the claim. I understand that he is attending to Mr. Littlepate’s charge also. I hope that the charges can be paid for by the government.

When I return to Dallas I shall make a list of Frank’s books which he left at our laboratory. If you care to sell them, I believe that they can be disposed of at S.M.U. I shall talk to you about them when I return the car. It will be about the 15th of September.

With kindest personal regards, I am


Walter E. Dove.