August 21, 1928

The Rice Institute, Houston, Texas

Aug. 21, 1928

Dr. W.E. Dove,
Box 509,
Uvalde, Tex.,

Dear Dr. Dove,

I appreciated very much receiving your letter of Aug. 17, and the specimens of tapeworm cysts and young adults.

August 21, 1928

August 21, 1928

I have examined the specimens sent and have provisionally identified the rabbit cysts as Multiceps serialis, the multicephalate cysts of Taenia serialis. This is a common rabbit parasite, the adult occurring in various Canidae. The young worms from the fed dog, however, do not seem to correspond with this species, though I cannot be sure until I have stained and mounted them. T. serialis is not known to occur in goats or sheep, but a closely related worm produces multicephalate cysts or coenuri in the brain of these animals, causing the disease known as [illegible – fid?]. It seems possible that the malady you speak of may be this. If an animal dies after staggering and walking in circles, etc., I would suggest that you autopsy it and examine the brain for large tapeworm cysts.

The portion of the dog’s intestine which you sent contained some flukes which I am having mounted to see whether they are new or not. I will let you know further about the rabbit cysts later, but I think those [are] nothing unusual. If you run across any other helminthic infections about which I might be able to give you further information please do not hesitate to write me. I am very much interested in them, and glad to get specimens.

With kind personal regards, and thanks for the reprint on creeping eruption, which is very interesting to me, I am,

Very sincerely yours,

Asa C. Chandler