July 16, 1927

Sat. P.M.

My Dear Sweetheart,

Your letter always comes every morning and I look forward to it. I have a wonderful little wife.

I did not attend to the freight today. Will have it transferred to storage Monday. Hope to have the expense check and also Carl’s check Monday. Will have the Willys Knight people to tighten up all bolts on the car, change the oil and tighten the clutch & brakes. Think it best to do this before I start for Uvalde. Bishopp suggested that I do some work at several places en route. Thinks I ought to spend 3 or 4 days in going down. In this way I can charge 7¢ per mile both ways which means practically $60 mileage. I think it is a good idea. Had thought of charging RR fare but would prefer 7¢ per mile.

July 16, 1927

July 16, 1927

A few weeks ago I suggested to Bish that we needed to put the goat work on a quantitative basis. He poured cold water on the idea. Today I told him my plan for working out a quantitative basis and it went over with him OK. It took a long time for the application to the problem to soak in. He thought it was OK. He plans to leave the 22nd but told me today that he doubted if he would get away before the 25th.

I’ll leave here about Wednesday, if the check comes in Monday. Might get away Tues A.M. but I have quite a bit to do on the animals. I’ll probalby spend three days in coming so that I can charge mileage with a clear conscience. This would put me in Uvalde Friday PM some time. Will phone you from Hondo.

I am getting mighty anxious to see my little girl and I’ll be there as soon as possible. I love you with all my heart.