July 18, 1927

Monday 6:30 PM.

My Dear Sweetheart,

The letter came as usual this morning and as usual I enjoyed it very much. Also had a letter from the Disbursing office, but no check. The bond was returned for a signature. The first one did not require it. So I mailed it in again and I believe the check will come this time. Borrowed 50 from Mr. Laake and I expect to leave Wednesday morning if my goats are OK tomorrow. Am getting one species going on each of three goats. Cultures from single individuals. Have one today and I believe I’ll get the other two tomorrow.

July 18, 1927

July 18, 1927

Had the freight transferred to a storage house this morning. The total cost of storage and drayage to where we will live will be 5.00 if less than a month from today. The railroad Co (Cotton Belt) had me charged with about 7.50 storage in the freight depot, but I managed to have them deduct the charges. Told them that I had given several days work to the Cotton Belt last Spring in an exhibit car and that I felt it was worth something to them. If they insisted on storage charges I would pay them but that I would remember it. Got by OK.

Tomorrow I hope to get Carl’s check. It had not come in today. He pays the middle of the month.

I am bringing something for Mother Lewis and also Thelma Lee & Reitha. These are from both of us and I hope you will approve of what I selected.

I love you Dear with all my heart and pretty soon I’ll see you. Am mighty anxious for the month & 4 days has seemed like ages.

Always your