July 1, 1927?

This letter ended up with the ones from later in July, and I believe it was actually written on or about July 1. I’m inserting it now and backdating the post so it will be in the correct order. Sorry for any confusion.

Friday 7:15 PM. The Lab.

My Dear Little Girl,

As usual I enjoyed your letter very much. Today I brought all of the things from the Apt. except a laundry bag, my shaving equipment and the bed clothing. I’ll sleep there until it is rented or until the 5th.

July 1, 1927?

July 1, 1927?

I understand that Bish is returning by the way of Uvalde. Don’t know when he is expected to return here but probably within a day or two.

Had a letter from Dr. White today. He had heard nothing more of the C.E. work, but will find out after the 4th. He thinks we had better get things in shape to go down pretty soon. I am not taking him seriously.

Mrs. Brundrette went to Stephensville for a few days. Will return about Sunday.

Had a letter from Mr. Scott in answer to mine. Said that Cornelia was dead.

Have not had supper yet so I’ll post this & eat.

I love you Dear, and I am mighty anxious to see you again. It has been a long time.