July 2, 1927

The Lab. Sat. Nite

My Dear Sweetheart,

Have just returned from the Apt. Did not have a letter there, so will go by the P.O. when I post this one. Bishopp returned this A.M. He was in Uvalde yesterday but said he was out of town most of the day. Parman didn’t know he was coming, so they had gone up the canyon. Bish said that he intended to phone you while there.

July 2, 1927

July 2, 1927

Things are going as usual here. Am getting in some supplies occasionally. Eventually, I’ll get what I want for my work. Bought a blood counting outfit (haematocytometer) today. Had selected it during Bish’s absence ($14 worth). Said he did not have a chance to make any blood counts at Ohio State. The centrifuge & some glass ware has already arrived.

This PM I posted a box of Martha Washingtons to you. They are a summer variety for shipping. Not a peace offering. Haven’t been guilty of anything that I would not want you to know about.

I love you Dear with all my heart & I hope it will not be so long before I see you.