July 9, 1927

Sat. Night. At the P.O.
About 8 o’clock.

My Dear Little Girl,

Did not come down town until tonight. Waited until I received your letter to write. We didn’t get the mail this noon and I knew that I had one down here.

July 9, 1927

July 9, 1927

I spent the afternoon working. I was the only one at the Lab. Some of the supplies came today so I made up a few stains and fixers. Have some chemicals and glassware to come yet.

Phoned Mr. Diffey twice today. He expected a telegram on the loan at any time but had not gotten it this PM. We have three days grace and I guess it will come through by Monday.

I have no news, Dear. It’s the same old story, I love you so. Am getting mighty anxious to see you. Hope it won’t be so long before I can see you. I love you with all my heart.