July 8, 1927

Friday the 8th – Lab.

My Dear Sweetheart,

Was down town this noon but did not post a letter to you then. Mr. Diffey said that he had not heard from my application for the loan, but that he expected a wire this P.M. The President of the Company had been away and just returned yesterday. Will phone him tomorrow morning as the loan is due tomorrow. Will be mighty glad if it goes through OK.

July 8, 1927

July 8, 1927

Bish sold his house last night. Mrs. B said they had to cut more on their price and they are getting just about what they put into it. Bish did not want to sell, but she did. She says that they are going to buy a lot in the very best residential section for the next house they build. I think they did well to get their money out. Don’t know what it sold for. They sold only 50 ft of the lot. This would seem to be a step in his moving to Washington. Don’t know when they give possession but no doubt it will be soon.

It has been hot here for the past few days, but the sleeping porch is fine for sleeping. I believe it is cooler than the Apt at Miller’s Court.

Have given the car the blue coat. Will give the black one this evening.

Had a card from Alvis, Little Rock. He expects to return to Dallas today. Will soon leave on another trip.

Should get the advance check in a few days. Will need part of it for a renewal fee of the loan. Don’t know when I can come to Uvalde but I want to come as soon as possible.

I love you Dear and I certainly do miss you.