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September 21, 1935

Letterhead: “Young Men’s Christian Association, Army and Navy, ‘With the Colors.'”

Birmingham, Ala
Sunday Sept 21, 1935

My dear Ina & Boys,

Mr. Thomas Duck Jr. drove here with Daddy last night and we will see Tom McGebee this afternoon. We have an exhibit for the fair which begins tomorrow morning. Mr. Duck delivered one of the exhibits for me yesterday and another man took another exhibit to Newnan Ga.

September 21, 1935

September 21, 1935

Night before last I spent at Eatonton Ga. about 65 miles from Atlanta. I did not get away from Savannah until about five o’clock in the PM and could not drive all of the way that night. Yesterday I dictated replies to a number of letters on my desk, but I did not clean up all of them. Tomorrow I’ll be in Atlanta again and I’ll try to get everything cleaned up. I am not sure yet but I may get back to Savannah Tuesday night. I could have the exhibits shipped without seeing them, but I’d like to come home again anyway.

I am sending Mother Dove the check we talked about (40).

Mr. Duck spent last night & this AM with a relative here. He will be back just after dinner today.

I want Walter White to be a good boy, and I am pretty sure that he will be.

With love,

This stationery was left over when the war closed & the YMCA can’t afford better.