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August 4, 1939

Friday PM.

My dear Ina,

Enjoyed your letter and the one from Lewis. I understand that Walter White was not there at the time you wrote. It seems ages since I left you at Uvalde.

August 4, 1939

August 4, 1939

Kenneth is in the migratory area and is doing some good work. I’ve just phoned Mrs. Q to let her know that I talked with Kenneth and that he expects to be back Monday Morning. She sends Hello.

Thursday morning Mrs. Pettit had phoned the office so I came to the Curtis where they were eating breakfast. They looked well and were enjoying their vacation. In Iowa they went to Mrs. Pettit’s old home. They still own it. Chinch bugs injured crops some. They went from here to some other point & then to Estes Park Colorado.

Mr. Palcek phoned from Miles City & is going west from there to Yellowstone.

Miss Beckwall has been sick & is at home. Mrs. Hastings tells me that it is serious and that she (Miss B) should have an operation. I do not know the trouble but according to Mrs. H it is the same thing that Miss B had last year at Wash.

I heard Claudelle’s voice this morning but did not talk with her.

After Kenneth returns and during this month I think I can come down for you OK. If we go to Miss. we would not stop long. Dr. Dickinson is back now and can help Kenneth some.

With lots of love,

Separate letters for Lewis and Walter White:

Dear Lewis,

I was glad when I got your letter. There is a circus in town now and I wish you were here. Maybe another one will come after you return and if so you and I will take Mother and Walter White.

With love

Dear Mr. Swimmer,

Today is Aug 4 and it was just 13 years ago today that Frank Adams and Daddy were caught in the flood waters on the Dry Frio. Deep water and flood waters are dangerous and I am glad that you are careful and that you are learning to swim. Will come for you before long and I want you to take good care of Mother and Lewis.

With love

August 4, 1928


Uvalde, Texas, August 10, 1928.

August 4, 1928

August 4, 1928

Mr. Frank Adams was a personal friend and an associate of the undersigned in research work for the Bureau of Entomology, U.S. Department of Agriculture. On the morning of August 4th, Mr. Adams and I started to Con Can, Texas to conduct some experimental work on parasites of Angora goats. On account of the flood waters of the Frio river we were compelled to return. On our way back we intended to call at the ranch of Mr. A.F. Dismuke. We met Mr. Dismuke on the road and were informed that heavy rains had fallen also in the upper portion of the Dry Frio river. We were advised to go to Uvalde and to return to the ranch on the following Monday. When we reached the Dry Frio crossing, the road contained about six to twelve inches of water. Both Mr. Adams and I felt that we could drive across safely. On the upper side of the road we could not see any water. On that side the high weeds and brush appeared normal. We started across the Dry Frio in high gear, but near the center of the stream the engine suddenly stalled. Even though the water was rising rapidly we managed to get out of the car. Mr. Adams made a swimming plunge toward the south side. This was the last I saw of Mr. Adams. In a wall of water I was carried down stream with a force which was sufficient to break down a barbed wire fence. I made four attempts before I could catch to the top of one of the small trees. The fourth one was stable enough to support me and to allow me to partly overcome exhaustion. From this tree I could look up the stream but could see nothing of Mr. Adams. Releasing my grip from this small tree I was able to catch a hackberry tree and from this position I was able to stay above the water line and to call for help. The water came down about 11.30 A.M. My calls for help were answered by Mr. Pfeifer about two o’clock. Mr. Pfeifer secured aid from Uvalde, and about four o’clock I was rescued from the tree by the aid of a rope.

Respectfully submitted,

Walter E. Dove

Associate Entomologist.