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July 22, 1939 (Walter)

707 Thorpe Bldg
Saturday PM

My dear Ina,

In order to keep peace in this family, separate letters are being enclosed to Lewis Dunbar & Walter White. They have been good boys at Uvalde and it looks as though we can take them places.

July 22, 1939 (Walter)

July 22, 1939 (Walter)

The week has been light for shipments but vouchers and payrolls have been heavy. Most every evening I have been able to leave here about 6 or 7 o’clock and I’ve walked home every evening. When the sun shines I park on a bench at Loring and read the evening paper, then go by a restaurant for dinner. Three times I’ve eaten dinner at home, eggs, bacon and hot cakes. I made up some syrup & then found some already made.

A letter finally came from the Olson Co. enclosing shipping tags for return of the rug. They say send to Chicago so I am arranging to do just that. I am not writing to them as the tags have numbers and they also show your return address.

It is surprising how long one can keep the same sheets on the bed and how long towels can be used. This week I’ll send them to the laundry.

I looked up our lease and find that it expires August 31st. It therefore seems advisable to look for a place to live. I’ve walked to a few places near our apartment. Tomorrow I’ll have a pickup truck so that I can see some that are not so near by. The Studebaker is at Mandam & will be returned when some one comes in to Mpls from up there, probably this week.

On Friday & Sat. we have a conference scheduled for survey & the general supervisors will be here. Also Wakeland & Gaddis.

Mrs. Quarterman came by for Kenneth and she looks just fine.

Polly was pleased to get your hello and love. She is about normal now and she came back at a good time.

Dorward phoned a few times last week. The planes are still working & flights are there but not nearly as serious as last year. The general opinion is that we have done a good job. Nebraska may be in for some criticism of us but most of the states have already expressed strong approval. Canada received some of our hoppers on Thursday & Friday of this week.

I love all three of you just lots and lots and lots, and I’ll be glad when you come back home.


July 22, 1939 (Walter to Lewis)

July 22, 1939 (Walter to Lewis)

Dear Lewis,

You have been a pretty good boy and both Mother and Daddy are proud of you.

I saw Judy on the side walk last night.

I hope you have a good time and that you will be ready to go to school when you finish your vacation.

With love

Dear Walter White,

I was pleased to get your letters also the report from Mother that you had been a good boy.

During June we shipped 90,000 tons of grasshopper bait. A ton is 2000 pounds or 20 sacks. This much bait would make a line of box cars 41 miles long. In other words as far as Uvalde to Hondo. That is a lot of bait. Of the 14 airplanes, 3 have crashed so that only 11 are working now. They are still working in eastern Montana and we are getting some flights out there. Some of the ‘hoppers are flying into Canada.

I am proud of the way you can shoot a rifle and I hpoe we can go to Reagan Wells again.

With love,

February 14, 1939

Walter is still working on grasshopper control, with the government-funded effort now gearing up for a new season of spreading arsenic-laced baits across the heartland. Notes on the back of this sheet suggest that the project needed more spreaders, and also some photos for publicity. I trust that publishing the old addresses and phone numbers of people who are most likely long dead won’t offend anyone, but if you can articulate a legitimate gripe about this please contact me.

February 14, 1939

February 14, 1939