August 11, 1925 (Walter)

Tuesday Night 11PM.

My Dear Sweetheart,

We have just returned from Jax with Dr. and Mrs. K.S. We enjoyed the dinner very much and the drive home was cool and pleasant. She served a roast lamb, baked potatoes, sliced tomatoes on lettuce with mayonnaise dressing, ice tea, peaches with whip cream, and chocolate layer cake. The home cooking was quite a change for us and the evening was pleasantly spent. She served Dr. White and I a Scotch highball before dinner which seemed to be a pretty good appetizer.

August 11, 1925 (Walter)

August 11, 1925 (Walter)

We had some shopping to do and also had an express package containing some glassware from Washington. There were so many bundles it looked like Santa Claus.

I note in the Southern Med Journal that the meeting will be held in Dallas Nov. 7 to 10th. It is possible that we may have an important announcement as a result of our work to make there and would like to know what you think about that time or a date somewhere near that one. Cannot say for sure yet, but this is just a possibility. Maybe it can be arranged for the wedding before that time or after then, giving a couple of weeks margin either way. There is yet plenty of time to set the date, and I am simply suggesting this at this time as a possibility.

It is bed time, Dear & Dr. White is asleep. I must take a bath yet and I guess I had better say “goodnight.”

I love you with all my heart and I wish for you, Sweetheart, real often.