August 4, 1925

Jacksonville Beach, Fla.,
Tuesday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

You don’t know how much I have wished for you this evening. Dr. White and I went in the surf for about an hour and the water was just right. Last night we went in after dinner but tonight we went in before eating. I think both of us enjoyed about every minute of it. He seems to be thriving on the Florida weather and gains steadily. I am holding my own with about 200. The work is getting started, and this month will probably be a very interesting one. If you were here with me, it would be ideal.

August 4, 1925

August 4, 1925

I have watched the same moon during the past few evenings and thought of you, and wondered if you were looking at it too.

The cottage we have looks a great deal like the one Mr. Brundrette had at Regan Wells and is a little bit larger. Has two front rooms, and one rear room as a kitchen & dining room. We use the porch and garage as a laboratory and sleep in the front rooms. The lady has a bed in the dining room. As she works at a cafeteria, there is no cooking here. We are now using the ice box for drinking water, as the beach water tastes of sulphur.

I don’t know how this cottage would strike you as it isn’t much for looks, but it is convenient to the surf and has running water and electric lights. It is much better than Reagan Wells. It would be a dandy place for a honeymoon, but maybe you like a little more excitement. I didn’t have in mind spending our honeymoon here, but I always think of our whole married life as a honey-moon and can’t help but wonder how different things will appeal to you.

Your letter was received when I was in Jax this morning. I took the 7 o’clock train and returned at 3. It is 17 miles from here.

I have your photos on the dresser in front of me. I am beginning to like the standing one, enlarged from a Kodak one, real well. It looks like you when you met me on the porch last month. I have some mighty good mental pictures of you at that time and I use them often. You are a wonderful little girl and I love you with all my heart. When I can be with you always I’ll be the happiest man in the world. More and more I do realize that you do love me, and Dear, you can bet that I am true to you. Not a single date of any kind except the evening I called on Mrs. Gallagher & then I talked of you most of the time.

With a real big hug and a goodnight kiss, I am,

Your devoted,

P.S. I love you lots and lots and lots and then some.