February 7, 1942

Sat. Nite 2/7-12 PM

My dear Ina & Boys,

I am enclosing a card on the meeting tonight. The slides were OK, I used the full time, had questions and was told that the talk was OK. Mr. Stage was there from my office. Cushing did not come b/c of a cold which he is still fighting. Deniza is working in the War Dept. now and I guess she is glad to work again. They moved to an apt. near BM & Claudelle, I believe the man who owns the house is a lawyer. I cannot remember his name.

February 7, 1942

February 7, 1942

As yet I have had practically no luck in getting material. As far as the fumigation tests go, I am just where I was one week ago. Hope to get some Monday PM, which will give me something to do at Beltsville on Tuesday. The District Jail is my main bet for material.

Thursday night I went to the Wash. Ent. Soc. meeting. Ewing & Snodgrass gave talks. Saw Mr. Oman who said he stopped at Uvalde, and saw Claudelle. Mr. & Mrs. Lewis. Also saw Mr. Bottimer who is working at the Museum now.

There has been no news on the money for the other projects yet but we expect it soon.

I miss you lots and will be glad to get home. Hope we can get Bruce changed so that he can help on this. Cushing intended to try Annand on it today before FC returns. This job at present is not so much.

With love,