January 29, 1942

Thursday Night

My dear Sweetheart,

When I mailed your letter last night I thought of the Jax property & I put a note on the outside of the envelope. Could you write the Tax Assessor, County Clerk House & ask for our statement for last year. I would do this, but I do not remember the description.

January 29, 1942

January 29, 1942

This AM I called upon Major Stone and I learned more of his exact needs. When I determine the fumigation periods & can get a portable fumigation box I am to get it into use at Camp Jackson at Columbia S.C. I found a fairly good article on chloropicrin & believe it may help a lot because the Army prefers to use this material.

Miss Trembley & I called on the City Health authorities this PM & we believe we will have some addresses to work soon. Also we are getting an arrangement with the jail authorities.

This PM Mrs. Cushing was in the office and I asked her to eat dinner with me. We ate at the Chinese restaurant and she left for home as soon as we finished. She had a letter from Claudelle saying that she (Claudelle) and BM would be back on Feb. 5. It was written from Harbinger.

Permission was cancelled by the Bureau for our attendance at Memphis. This would have happened even if I had been able to go there. Bish will go but I did not ask him to read our papers.

I have been invited to talk on dog flies before the Biological Society one week from Sat. if I am here & it looks like I’ll be here. I think Mr. Stage asked Dr. Simmons to send the slides. If not, will you ask Dr. Simmons to send them to me at the Bureau. I’ll write him in a few days.

It was a pleasure to visit with Mrs. Cushing. The Bureau visits are so unsatisfactory during the day that it is a relief. There is a lot of uncertainty in the changes about the Bureau and most of the folks seem jittery. Things are not like they used to be and we have to recognize that fact.

With love to WW, Lewis, Tommie and my wife,

Sincerely & always,