January 28, 1942

Stationery from the Bellevue Hotel, 15 E Street NW, Washington, DC.

Wednesday Night 1/28-42

My dear Sweetheart,

We got to Jax just in time to get the 7:45 ACL and I arrived here at 8:30 AM and was in the office at 9 AM the new time for starting in the Bureau. Hours are to 5:30 PM now. After a conference called by FC consisting of Stage, Back, Miss Trembley and myself, which did not amount to anything not already arranged for, I went over the different places with Miss Trembley and this PM we tried to find one that would furnish us some lousy clothes for fumigation tests. We spent some time in the Dist. Jail & got some encouragement, if we can give some new underwear to replace the old. We are trying to get a dispensation to do this.

January 28, 1942

January 28, 1942

Tomorrow morning I am to call on Major Stone (alone) and see what he can do to help and to let him know I’m here etc. I think he can command some cooperation from the city, because Wash. DC City is a federal agency. Anyway I am going to try it. It is just as difficult to get things done, except more so at present. Too much red tape and increased machinery.

Dr. Wakeland is here but I have not seen him. He was appointed as a division leader for ‘hoppers & crickets today.

Think I’ll ask for a conference with Ammand & talk to him. Dog fly will be in Bureau for Gulfport office next year, at least it is lined up that way. Would you like Gulfport?

A big hello to WW, Lewis & Tommie,

With love,