September 14, 1939

It’s been five months since the previous letter, because Walter and Ina were together again at home in Minneapolis. Now he’s traveled to Washington to sort out his future work at the USDA. He’s considering a transfer back to the Division of Insects Affecting Man & Animals (medical and veterinary entomology), but his exact assignment is still unclear.

Sept. 14
10:30 PM

My dear Ina,

Have just returned from the Cushings. Claudelle and I had them for dinner in Silver Springs & were joined by Mrs. Bishopp & Jimmie who were also there for dinner. Cushings took us in their car, and we left Claudelle at her place on the way here. A very pleasant visit & Mrs. B. suggested that she imagined that I wanted to work in the South again. I judged that B. had talked with her about my move to the Man & Animals division. Bish is now on a trip to Texas & will be in Dallas on the 16th & here on the 21 or 22nd. I don’t see how I can wait here until he returns & I don’t believe I can get through here in time to meet him down there. I doubt if that would be necessary.

September 14, 1939

September 14, 1939

Strong saw me this PM in company with Gaddis & we went over ‘hopper work. He seemed very pleased & took copies to show the Secretary of Agric. He said that he wanted to see me tomorrow morning & would call for me at Gaddis’s office. He seems to be in a good mood but is very thin and with some forced pep in talking. I am to prepare a news article on the program to be ready here next Tuesday for Mr. Milloy of the Minneapolis Tribune.

From talking with Gaddis & Cushing I am led to believe that there is no difficulty in transfer, but BM did ask if I wished to reconsider & stay on hoppers. I told him that that depended upon Dr. Bishopp’s attitude & what the chief’s office had to say. BM is doing all he can for me & I appreciate it. He is willing to pay my salary on ‘hopper rolls until Bish can get money. I have an idea Bish would like for him to do that until July so that he need not drop anyone. Apparently he & Cush have not considered who would be transferred to Gaddis’s division.

Cushing thinks it would be better for me to come to Wash. & seems anxious, as Stage from Oregon was supposed to come & he did not care especially for that. He also mentioned the same possibilities suggested in Claudelle’s letter & said it looked like a question of where I wanted to live if I did not care to come to Wash. Bish did call on Gaddis & say that he would like to have me.

I have an idea that the Chief is going to ask me to pep up the work in that division & see that they produce, regardless of my assignment.

More tomorrow, possibly by wire if unsure or different from what we already know.

Love to the 3 of you