August 30, 1936

Stationery from the Bellevue Hotel, 15 E St. NW, Washington, D.C.

Sunday Night 9 PM.

My dear Ina & Sons,

The trip was a quiet one and comfortable with no special happenings. The Pullmans on both the SP and the Southern were air conditioned and rather cool. At stations where I could get outside I felt more comfortable from the warmer air. Spent a good lot of the time on the paper and hope I can get it copied tomorrow. Met two young boys about 23 who were completing a trip around the U.S. They left at a North Carolina point this morning, having been with me from San Antonio. They go back to college in N.C. soon.

August 30, 1936

August 30, 1936

Received some material from Mr. Townsend and Mr. Yeomans sent by air mail and I think I have everything for the conference tomorrow. Most anything can happen but if it concerns the winter program I think I am fortified.

This is a nice little hotel. New and comfortable and I am glad that I discovered it. It is about five blocks from the station. You will remember several hotels in a group near the station and this is one of them. Room and bath for $2.00 so it looks like I can eat out of the per diem. It cost exactly $5 per day to eat on the train plus tips. I made a reservation for Atlanta leaving here tomorrow night at 7 PM but I have no idea when I’ll get through. Just in case I need it, I’ll have it. The last time I had to take an upper and I did not sleep. The train is too fast for an upper berth. One rolls too much.

Wish I could tell you something but so far nothing has happened. If you went to Uvalde I hope you enjoyed the trip and that the traffic did not give you trouble. Hope you found Mother Lewis and all OK.

With love to the Big boys, Claudelle, and lots and lots to my wife.