October 18, 1935

Stationery from the Edwards Hotel, Jackson, Miss.

Oct. 18, 1935.

My dear Ina,

Dr. Cain and I arrived here as per schedule at 2 PM today and following the conference we have had discussions with Parman, Mr. Maloney, Brunson and Hollingsworth. This conference like that of last Friday was not productive but it looks as though some livestock meetings might get started in about another month. Things move slowly in Miss. Mr. Parman will return to Uvalde sometime next week and after this trip he will remain there most of the time. He will supervise for Miss. & La. but will not be away from Uvalde very much. It is not satisfactory to discuss the work with him. He thinks that all of us are wrong and that there is only one species, but also that he always knew that there were two species. His talk with the conference was a long drawn out one in rather vague terms but not critical of the force.

October 18, 1935

October 18, 1935

I spent Sunday (Sat. night to Mon. AM) with Mother Dove at the farm (Sat. night at Roxie). They appreciate the waffle iron. Both of the colts are just fine and Walter White’s is gentle. Lewis Dunbar’s is about the color of a mouse and she does not like for anyone to touch her. All of the folks and the horses are OK. Uncle Revah is not as strong as usual but looks OK. Mother looks better than she has in several years. We did not discuss the well though Revah and I looked at it.

Monday noon Dr. Cain & I reached Baton Rouge. While I had a conference he visited at L.S.U. We drove to Crosley La. and spent the night. Tuesday noon we saw the Brundretts and ate lunch with the Dowards. Mrs. Brundrett has a lot of gray hair, had some one washing clothes, no lunch prepared, and she didn’t seem to have thoughts quick enough to ask us to do something for her. We did not stay long. The baby, a little girl, is beautiful. Long blonde curls and brown eyes. The Dowards had a lunch which was very fine. I like them very much. Brundrett made up three more exhibits and they have four going. I like the work there first rate. Tuesday about 5PM Dr. Cain & I started for the College. We spent the night at Houston in a camp where you and I stopped. Wed. AM we met M.C. McGehee at his office. He has made a fortune in foreign oil contracts during the past five years. We arrived at the college about noon and spent the night there at a hotel on the campus. Had dinner with Prof. Bilsing while Dr. Cain visited with the vets. Thurs. AM we drove to Dallas and got there about noon. We left Dallas at 4 PM. Saw the Chamberlains & the house. Jackie is a beautiful little girl with an olive complexion and curly hair. The house looks mighty good but needs some paper work and a little work on the foundation. The two peach trees had about 15 bushels of peaches this year. Laake was not at the Lab but we saw Melvin, Mr. Somier & the new men & steno. The lab was cleaned up pretty well but with evidences of older days in evidence. We drove by SMU. Thursday night we drove by about 12 1/2 miles of hamburger stands in the oil well section about Longview & arrived at Minden La. at 12:30 this A.M. We met Mr. W.E. Dee who I knew at A&M. Dr. Cain wanted to see him & I think they visited all night. We left Minden at 8 this AM. Tonight Dr. Cain is visiting an uncle here at Jackson. I may drive by Ethel’s tomorrow on my way to Atlanta. I may take Dr. Cain & Mr. Maloney by the college. I should reach Atlanta Monday. Bruce has a meeting on the 24th and it looks like I should go there from Atlanta before coming to Savannah. I am to talk to the county agents meeting also to Bruce’s men on the 26th.

I love you lots and lots Honey and I hope to see you before long.


Thanks for your letter which Mr. Townsend forwarded here.