October 11, 1935

Stationery from the Forrest Hotel, Hattisburg, Miss., “Rates from $2.00 – Circulating ice water and electric fan in each guest room.”

Friday night 1150 PM

My dear Ina,

I arrived here a few minutes ago and have just had a bath. We had a good drive this afternoon from the College to Hattiesburg. Dr. Cain of the College is accompanying me on this trip to La. & Texas and we will return to Jackson Miss. for a SW meeting 2 PM next Friday at the Federal Bldg. Dr. Cain was wearing knee trousers the last time I saw him at Meadville about 23 years ago. At that time I went with his sister Edna some times. She is married and living in Memphis now. We, Dr. Cain and I called on his father and mother yesterday. They live near the College. Last night I had waffles with Dr. Cain and his family. They spent about a year at Princeton and know the Stolls real well. He asked me for help on his technique at the college. He is beginning a problem on stomach worms of cattle and plans to get his ScD with Dr. Cort in the future. He has a BS from Miss. A&M, MS from Iona in Animal Husbandry and a VMD from Cornell University. He is a well trained man and I am flattered that he sticks so close to me on this trip. Tomorrow he will call on his uncle near here who is an adviser to the new Governor. The PM he will go to Meadville and call on his cousin Dan McGehee the Congressman. The contacts should be helpful to me in our work and I am not missing the opportunity to cultivate all of them.

October 11, 1935

October 11, 1935

As far as I can tell my itinerary is

Saturday PM – Roxie
Monday A.M. 222 Fed Bldg., Baton Rouge.
Tuesday Beaumont c/o H.M. Brundrett
Wednesday College Station Texas, c/o Dr. S.W. Bilsing
Friday Jackson Miss.
Saturday not determined but perhaps on my way to Atlanta.

Was not able to take off county men except in Miss & Eastern La. this week. Planning more work for the remainder of the men.

With love,

Your Walter.

Slept with Kenneth last night. He is just fine & all like him OK.