October 29, 1931

Thursday Night.
Oct. 29, 1931.

Dearest Sweetheart:

It is almost eleven o’clock and I have been sewing buttons on Walter White’s shirts for hours. Mama and I have almost finished seven winter pants suits for him. You see, he had no long sleeve suits and none can be bought ready made in Uvalde. These, with his red overcoat that I made, should almost complete his winter wardrobe. Boys’ clothes, we have decided, are much more difficult to make than girls’. I bought over fifty buttons at one time.

October 29, 1931

October 29, 1931

Tonight feels a little wintery. We had a fire in one of the fireplaces early this morning. I am glad our circulating heater is in working order now. We may need it a few times this winter. Do you think you will need a gas heater at the lab this winter? We have one for sale, you know.

There was no letter today but I’m looking forward to one tomorrow. You are very busy with manuscripts, exhibits etc. I’m sure.

We hope you are getting along comfortably at home. Tell Rebecca I’m trusting her to take good care of you. The housekeeping is probably very easy now since Walter White and I are not there to scatter things.

Kind regards to the lab force and the Robinsons and the Shaws and Wilsons in case you should see them.

I love you, Honey, and I hope you sleep good.

Always, your devoted