September 25, 1931

Friday Night.

Sept. 25, 1931.

Dearest Sweetheart:

Your letter of Monday night which arrived this morning was most welcome. It contained lots of interesting information.

September 25, 1931

September 25, 1931

The thing that impressed me most was the possibility of our moving to Tampa. Yes, of course I understand that it is by no means cut and dried but is a mere possibility. However, it doesn’t hurt to think about it. In fact, I consider it very pleasant food for thought. Tampa is a very nice place to live, is it not? At any rate it is not Charleston – is not even in South Carolina. I am very anxious to know more concerning it. Also, I am wondering who would remain in Charleston. 150 miles from Ft. Pierce should be safe.

Have you heard anything from the Cushings? They should be coming out soon.

It is nice that your trip to the Southern has been approved and that Dr. Shelmire had a second thought in regard to the order of names in the exhibit.

I am glad that you were pleasantly surprised in the number of sand flies in your collections during your last trip. I did not want you to be disappointed in it.

Walter White gets sweeter every day. This afternoon Mr. Cain (the rather elderly gentleman in the apartment next to us) said that W.W. was the cutest boy he ever saw. He said he was so easily entertained. He, his wife and daughter seem to be so fond of W.W. I believe the baby would enjoy visiting with them all day. He knows when people like him.

I believe there is more talk about the depression here than at Charleston. These people are more accustomed to prosperity than Charlestonians, I suppose, and a shortage of it causes discomfort and probably alarm. Honey, don’t you suppose we had better wait quite a while about getting a new car? It was for this trip home that I was especially anxious for it and since we have gotten along so far without it I believe we could make Willie do for many months yet. In that way we could avoid rendering a new car for taxes next year and could probably buy a car at a lower price later. In the meantime we could be using our money to a better advantage. I am anxious for us to be able to pay a great deal on Owenwood next time. It will be lovely when we get even with the world financially.

By now Rebecca should have been married long enough to settle down to her household duties.

It would be lovely to have another letter from you tomorrow.

We love you lots & lots.

Always, your