May 18, 1929

Baltimore Md.
Saturday Night 11:30 PM

My dear Sweetheart,

I spent today in Washington and attended the meeting tonight (Helm. Soc.) I reported on the thermotropic experiments and the report went over in good shape. Stiles made a few remarks in the form of contratulations to Dr. White and I in our establishing a precedent of breaking away from the time honored rules of an entomologist for insects. All others hands off! Said he wanted to work a problem which dealt with an insect and he was not permitted to do so. That we had broken the old established rule which should have not been a rule and that he was glad of it. Dr. White and I decided that it was better to keep “mum,” so it was not discussed in the meeting. I rather wish that I had not reported, but Dr. White said it was OK anyhow since Stiles needed a chance to get it off his chest and that he probably felt better. I started to skip the meeting, but Dr. White insisted that we go down. I did not report on the incidental infections of A. braziliense and A. caninum in the boy. I am glad that I did not.

May 18, 1929

May 18, 1929

Hall is in the hospital. He is improving but may be confined for two months more. Only one man besides myself was present from Hopkins. He made a report. Other reports were of passing interest.

The Alaska work is practically forced on me. I indicated to Bishopp that I would be interested and that I’d consider it if my wife could make the trip with me. That I felt that I should have sufficient expenses to take care of both of us. He does not know how much will be allowed but the Bureau pays the salary and the Territory of Alaska pays expenses. Told him that I was not in position to finance the trip. He is attempting to get an advance from the Dept. & to get other advances from the Governor of Alaska. I am enclosing the telegram. Bish thinks that it is a wonderful opportunity for his division to get in and establish itself on the parasites. He thinks that about 20% can be added to my salary to take care of increased expense. The trip would begin from Seattle about June 7-10th and we would be up there until about the middle of October. The same for next year. We would be in Dallas when we returned from up there.

The problem is of vital importance and it is an opportunity to accomplish something of lasting value to the reindeer industry. I believe I can do something which they have not been able to do in the cattle grub problem. I have confidence enough in my ability and curiosity enough in Alaska to want to go up there. Bish is figuring that I am going. If you have a serious objection to it, wire me at Bureau Tuesday.

I asked Bish if he considered Mr. Laake for the place. That I did not want to get any hard feelings with him. Bish said that Laake’s physical condition was not good and that he could not possibly be considered on that account.

If possible I’ll leave Washington Thursday night for Dallas. It may be Friday night. We would have only a limited time to get things in shape to leave, but I think we would have sufficient time after I get to Dallas. I wish we could take Claudelle with us, but I cannot see how we could do it this summer. We’ll see what they offer for expenses etc. We will probably go this summer and next. I’d like to take Jimmie too, but it does not look favorable. Bish wants him to go to Southern California in Aug. Too, he needs a summer course at SMU. We do not know about his exam yet. They are grading mighty close. In another lot 10 passed & 8 failed. I hope we can get Jimmie over the dead line. Bish will do what he can but there are three others to grade the papers too and two of them are firm in their convictions of the values of answers.

The written exam yesterday lasted for about six hours. 10 long questions out of 12 in the forenoon and about 200 short, rather catch questions, in the PM. Think I passed but I did not make a wonderful grade. The exam was fair but directed for the younger ones who are leaving this year.

I’ll have lunch with the Corts tomorrow (Sun) evening. Will see how the exam took with him.

With all my love, Dear, and with hopes of seeing you about this time next week,