May 12, 1929

Baltimore Sunday Night 7:15 PM

My dear Sweetheart,

I am now at 1617 N Broadway but do not send any letters here. It would be better to receive them at 615 N. Wolfe.

Had a nice time and a lovely dinner with the Bishopps and this PM they brought me to Baltimore. Pork roast, creamed potatoes, asparagus, spinach dressed with boiled eggs shredded, biscuits, caramel layer cake and ice cream with strong coffee. We ate about 3 PM, so I am not hungry tonight. Mrs. Spencer seems to enjoy her visit with them. All were disappointed in that you did not come with me. Mrs. Bishopp says that she is greatly indebted to you for recommending College Park. She finds the people very congenial. She intended to give a party for you so you could meet some of the people.

May 12, 1929

May 12, 1929

It is a lovely home located in a V, having a front of about 400 ft. on the Balto. highway. At the tip of the V an iron fence is covered with Rambler roses. The house is a 2-1/2 story brick, surrounded by natural trees. The woods were cleared for the house and lots of trees were left for shade. The children behave very well. Bitsie is much better looking, more grown up and more dignified. She will be a Junior next year. I met the young man who goes with her. He is interested in entomology. I imagine he will be in our division when he completes his work. Probably about the time that we go to S.C. He seems to be thick with the Bishopps. I notice that he kissed Mrs. Spencer when he came in.

Bish wants Jimmie to go to Southern California in August and spend the whole winter and spring out there. He says that it is too hot during the summer. Do not mention it to Jimmie yet. I want to tell him more. Also, I want to be sure that they pass him. Bish felt that his paper (exam) would pass but he does not grade it. I think it is about an average. About one-half of that group will fail. The theses are not considered unless the exam is OK. Jimmie’s thesis would help if he makes a 65 on the exam.

Have some sad news. Mrs. Robb passed away on July 3d. She died in the hospital. About three days before she was paralyzed and could barely speak. Mr. Dick carried her to the hospital. She left her business in poor shape. So the lady at 1014 tells me. Mrs. Robb had purchased another house and had moved furniture over there. It seems that both places were in debt at the time of her death. 1014 will be sold to the highest bidder on May 21st. I shall make it a point to see Mr. Dick and talk with him. He will probably be at the sale. When you and I were here Mr. Dick was named as the executor of her will. If you remember I witnessed it for her.

I did not go to the School tonight, since it was too late. I’ll get two meals each day, two doors above here. Think I’ll be here until the 21st. May go to Wash. that night. I’ll wire you that night just after the oral exam. I have no doubt but that I’ll get through OK. It is a question of making a creditable showing before the Advisory Committee. Dr. White says I’ll have a nice visit with them and that I’ll enjoy it. Have visited with Dr. White practically all of the time since I went to Wash.

Dr. White did not read my thesis but I showed him the photos and the evidence. He seems to think it is OK. It represents more real work than any Hopkins thesis he knows of, and he thinks that I’ll get the degree all right.

With all my love, your,