July 4, 1927

The Lab. July 4th 8PM.

My Dear Little Girl,

Your letter of Sat nite was received at Box 208 this PM. It had been two days since I had heard from you. We did not have a delivery Sun or today. I presume I’ll have a previous letter delivered to the Apt tomorrow A.M. The key came OK. I did not send the frank because I couldn’t find one in the whole lab. The supplies are exhausted in everything except chemicals and I presume Dr. Roark sees to it that they have these.

July 4, 1927

July 4, 1927

Have been busy yesterday and today. Have gone over all of Bish’s nematode articles. Have written for about (6) six of them.

I certainly do miss you too, Dear and I’ll be mighty glad when I see my sweetheart again. It seems ages since you left. The next time I am going with you. If we must part we will go together.

My check came but I have not yet been to the bank. They certainly deducted for the retirement fund this time. It is for 201.25, which makes a deduction of 48.75. They will deduct $40 each month for four months to establish a retirement fund. The regular deduction of 2% would make $5 per month. I can’t understand why they deducted the extra $3.75. Perhaps they are charging me interest but I have a letter to the effect that it would not be charged.

Will try to see Mr. Diffey tomorrow to see if he has heard from the application for the Owenwood lien. Will owe $160 interest and will have some expense on the renewal. Have sent in a request for $150 on advanced funds. This should see us through until August 1st. Hope I can work in an expense % during this month. Will try to work at Uvalde for a couple of weeks. Have no idea when Bish. will go to Wash.

Am enclosing a check for you probably need some money. It would do just as well if you signed it, for your signature is down there. Don’t hesitate to let me know when you need some money.

I love you Dear with all my heart and don’t forget that I miss you.