June 24, 1927

Friday PM. The Lab.

My Dear Sweetheart,

Was mighty glad to get your letter of yesterday and also a letter from Mother Lewis. You don’t know how much I miss you, Dear, but I want you to get out a good visit with Mother Lewis and all.

June 24, 1927

June 24, 1927

I am enclosing a letter from Sister which was addressed to both of us.

Today I made application for a renewal of our first lien on the Owenwood home. I think it will go through OK at 6-1/2%. It is for a five year period with yearly payments of $250 during the first four years. This will make it $3000 at the end of 5 years. This amounts to the same thing as the plan I mentioned, except that this is on a yearly payment plan instead of monthly. The rate of interest is the same as the other insurance Co. 6-1/2%. Will have to bring the abstract up to date and pay for an examination of it by an attorney, but would have to do this anyway if we renewed with Harper at 8%. The application goes to Denver before I’ll get a reply.

Today I collected the rent for the house. I had gotten down to my last dollar, so it came in handy. Brought the laundry home today. If you need some money, let me know.

The Bishopps have not yet sold their home. They plan to leave for Wash. during July. It will probably be after the middle of the month before I can come to Uvalde. I want to do some work down there which will keep me there for a while at least.

I am getting the manuscript in pretty good shape and I expect to send it to Dr. White pretty soon.

I hope you are feeling good and that the folks are also feeling OK.

I love you just lots and lots and I’ll be happy when I get my family together again.

With all my love,