June 20, 1927

The Lab. Mon. PM.

My Dear Sweetheart,

The copy of the Journal which I posted several days ago with a 2¢ stamp was returned this AM for 4¢ additional postage. There was nothing special in it so I am not sending it. Claudelle’s letter is enclosed.

Sunday, Mrs. Gingell left for Wash. She & Lee came by to say goodbye. Sun nite I had dinner downtown with Lee & Mr. Ahern, then we went to a movie. Saw one picture which you and I saw in Baltimore. Papa Whistleberry’s birthday. They (Lee & Mr. Ahern) are going to eat dinner with me tonight. Guess we will eat at the same place down town, the Baker Coffee Shop.

June 20, 1927

June 20, 1927

Mrs. Bucklin phoned this AM. Said she saw Mrs. Pettit and was told that you had already been to Dallas and had gone. She has the #3 vacant & had intended to let us use it until we were settled. Wanted us to stay as a guest. I will call on her in a few days, also will call on Mrs. Pettit & the Laakes. Mr. Laake is yet at home.

Talked the house proposition over with Carl. He does not think it is advisable to put the house on the market at present or to attempt to trade. If the cotton crop comes through OK the winter demand will be good.

He (Carl) suggested that I try some of the life insurance companies for re-newal of the first lien. Some are loaning at 1%. Will investigate & let you know later. There will be an abstract fee on renewal but we would have this fee if we renewed with Harper. Have not seen Harper as yet. Carl is quite sure that 8% is all that he will do.

It has been raining yesterday & today. Small showers.

I hope that Mother Lewis is feeling better. Am anxious to see her & all of our folks. It will probably be about the 10th before I can come. The renewal on the house is very important. Also I have some kittens which will need attention until about that time. At that time, Bish should leave for Wash.

I miss you, Dear, and I love you lots & lots and lots.