June 18, 1927

Walter and Ina are now living in Dallas, where he works, and Ina has gone to visit her family in Uvalde for a few weeks, so we’re back to near-daily correspondence. Ina’s letters from this period are unfortunately missing.

At Home
Saturday Night.

My Dear Sweetheart,

This is about the hottest day we have had this summer. Alvis came to the Lab this PM and I visited with him until about 6:30. Bought some food for the cats and then visited with Gringell for about an hour. Mr. Ahern came yesterday to relieve Gringell. Mrs. Gringell leaves tomorrow night for Washington. About the middle or latter part of the week Gringell & Ahern will make a trip by Ford to San Antonio, the Valley, and then to New Orleans. Ahern is about 45 years old and is a very pleasant man. Mr. Laake is yet home in bed. I have not been over to see him but have been posted regularly by Gringell. Bish. had the bandage removed from his eye when he came down today. He had the eye treated this PM and it evidently gave some trouble for he did not come down this P.M. Outside of that things are going as usual.

June 18, 1927

June 18, 1927

Have been out by the Owenwood house a couple of times since you left. It is very difficult matter for me to make up my mind that we should sell it. Suggested to Alvis that he should buy it. They plan to take an apartment for a while. He came over to invite you and I to eat with them tomorrow evening. I declined the invitation, as I want both of us to be there when we accept. I think the invitation will keep OK.

The little letters from Thelma Lee and Reitha were mighty fine. They came this noon, and I exhibited them at the Lab with lots of pride. The photos are good, but I like some of the ones Thelma sent to Baltimore much better. All of them are real sweet and I am mighty proud of my nieces.

Haven’t gotten anywhere with the article, due to frequent interruptions. Will see the Gringells and also Alvis tomorrow morning so I will not get busy with it again until tomorrow PM.

Will close for tonight. Give my love to every one and remember that I love you just lots & lots.