November 1, 1926

Letter of Authorization
No. 516
Washington, D.C.
November 1, 1926

Mr. W. E. Dove, Collaborator.

Under authority conferred upon me by paragraph 2 of the Fiscal Regulations of the Department, you are hereby authorized to incur expenses as follows, during the fiscal year 1927, in the performance of official duties, under the appropriation: “General expenses, Bureau of Entomology, 1927, Miscellaneous Insects” –

November 1, 1926

November 1, 1926

To make such trips from Baltimore, Md., to Washington, D.C., and return, as may be necessary, for the purpose of conferring with Dr. G. F. White, Insect Pathologist of this Bureau, with reference to investigations of insects affecting the health of animals in which you are both engaged.

To incur necessary traveling expenses.

You will be reimbursed for actual subsistence expenses, not to exceed $7.00 in any one day, while absent from official station and in a travel status.

L.O. Howard
Chief of Bureau

Your official station will be Baltimore, Md.

A second page indicates that the total year’s travel budget for this project is $50, which would be $643.12 in today’s money.

One thought on “November 1, 1926

  1. Tom Dove

    The “L.O. Howard” who signed this letter is Dr. Leland O. Howard, after whom I received my middle name: Leland. I knew he was an old family friend but not exactly where he fit into the family history.
    My eldest brother’s middle name was White, after Dr. G.F. White, shown in the photo in the previous posting.
    Since Walter was in Dallas in January 1926 but apparently stationed in Baltimore by early 1927, I’m guessing that this was when he started his graduate studies at Johns Hopkins. Do we know?

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