October 11, 1925

Sunday A.M.

My Dear Sweetheart,

It was late before I realized it last night, and the result is that I waited until this morning to write to my little girl. I have just had breakfast and I feel better.

For the past 24 hours or more it has been pretty cold here. The coast storm from the New England states struck here early yesterday morning, but it was more of a cold wave than a storm.

October 11, 1925

October 11, 1925

At 4 o’clock in the morning I woke up cold and while pulling down the windows, closing the doors, and getting some blankets, I noticed that most of the houses in the neighborhood were also lighted. It was cold all day yesterday, too cold to work on the porch and use a microscope. I moved inside and most of the day I was busy getting material together for the trip and also some ready for shipment to Washington. You see I had a lot of extra stuff here on account of Dr. White, so I am returning a shipment of books, one microscope and some other things. He is still working on the nematode material and is spending most of his time at Johns Hopkins with them. The fact that it is a new one and occurs where CE does, makes it very interesting to him. But it isn’t the one we are looking for, and my interest wanes when I convince myself of that much.

It is possible that I am not working on the right one either, but I know that I am much closer than we were this summer.

I realize, Dear, that it will be necessary to give you some time for arrangements of the wedding. We will not present a report at the Southern Med Meeting at Dallas, and as I should be in Jax during the state fair, it would be well to figure that we should have it after the fair. It runs one week and during the middle of November. The latter part of November or anytime in December would be OK so far as I can tell. Where would you like to spend Christmas? Would you like to be at your home, with my folks or in Dallas?

Must get busy now, Sweetheart, for I have lots to do. I plan on leaving here Tuesday morning for my trip down the state.

With all my love, Dear, I am

Your own