October 4, 1925 (Walter)

The Beach, Sun A.M.

My Dear Sweetheart,

I did not write to you yesterday but I mailed you a copy of an advertisement concerning the Jax acreage. I wrote Mr. Bishopp a detailed letter concerning the work and when I had finished it, I did not write to my sweetie. There were almost eight letter size pages of his letter. Today I am going to write him a personal letter. The other was more of a report of work in progress.

October 4, 1925 (Walter)

October 4, 1925 (Walter)

Perhaps it was not necessary to write him so fully but I have always done so when I was stationed to myself, and he seems to like it. He will then know what is on my mind and what I have ahead of me for winter work. I wrote to him one time during Dr. White’s stay here and that was about the time he left for Washington, so there was quite a bit to tell him. I wanted him to know of the new lead I am working and at the same time I told him that it did not seem necessary to share credit with Dr. White on anything except what we worked together when he was here. I know that Mr. B. is with me there, for he was inclined to believe that the other paper should have been prepared in sections, each one dealing with his own work. However, he did not dictate how it should be prepared. He never does, and that is one reason why I like to work in his division. He suggests, but never dictates.

The weather is certainly delightful here now and the surf is fine. It is so much better than during the active season when so many were down here. But of course the reason so many were here then was because it was so much better here than in their homes during the hot weather. Now it is cooler and more pleasant in both places. I understand that it is pretty hot down the state as it is more tropical. No doubt I’ll start down there the latter part of this week. I am getting my work in shape so that I can leave for a while. I am anxious to see how Fulford looks and to see what the prospects are.

Considering everything, it looks as though we would find it more desirable to live in this part of the state the year round than in the southern part. The northern people want an extremely warm winter when they leave the north and that is what they find down the state. The beaches here are developing now and are “the finest in the world.” Within a few years I believe there will be a great change here. At this time it is impossible to get water front property as the prices are so high. Ocean front sells for $800 per front foot & even higher.

I like this little place better, the longer I live here, and it can be used to good advantage as a laboratory as well as a cottage. If we decided that we wanted to buy it, we could move it to the rear of the lot and let it face the other street. This is a corner lot 75 ft front & 150 ft deep. Then we could build on the front to suit ourselves. If we simply wanted the place as an investment, I believe it would be good. We can tell more about it this winter, and after you are down here.

I love you Sweetheart and then I love you more and more and more. With a real big hug and a kiss, I am always