December 24, 1930

Dec. 24th – 8PM.

My dear Sweetheart,

I am mighty sorry that I cannot be in Uvalde tonight. I can imagine that W.W. will get quite a thrill out of his first Xmas. I don’t know whether I made it clear just why I couldn’t come or not.

December 24, 1930

December 24, 1930

The pigs which fed the infected mites have been showing low degrees of temperatures and no swellings. We are transferring the infections to new pigs for swellings and localization of Rickettsia so that they can be demonstrated. Of three pigs receiving blood last night, two are already running higher temperatures than any of the others. I am anxiously awaiting these developments. I feel that we have the dope, but we want to nail it for all time. I haven’t phoned Shelmire of these developments. He will be over tomorrow A.M. for more transfers and I’ll spring it then. He has been pretty blue. We have nine animals on which infected mites fed and six which received injections of infected mites. This does not count the tests made with an animal which proved to be an uninfected pig.

We cannot get as many pigs as we need at present. We have been promised a bunch on the day after Xmas. These will be about right for our more recent infections. It will take a few days for them to develop symptoms. It looks like it may be near the 1st before I can get there. I want to come as soon as possible. I think we should leave before it is time for Mother and Daddy Lewis to move. Have you said anything to them about Claudelle returning with us? Have you talked to Claudelle about it? She would be a lot of company for you. I could give her some stenographic work to do, and her living expenses would not cost her anything. I think it would be nice for all of us (Claudelle, you and I) if she returned with us. If she goes it will be necessary for us to ship some of the things but that would not amount to very much.

I certainly do love you Honey, and I am mighty sorry that I cannot be there for tonight and tomorrow. With all my love, and looking forward to seeing you, I am,