December 19, 1930

Friday PM.

My dear Sweetheart,

Yours of Wed. nite came this noon. The letter from Mother and the announcement of Evalyn’s marriage were enclosed. I do not know who her sparring partner is, but I’ll gamble that Mendelsohn’s Wedding March is the battle march. Mott is a very small place. She will be tired of it within two weeks. I hope that they will get along.

December 19, 1930

December 19, 1930

I sent a check for Mother and Revah. Also sent Mr. Laake a can of P.A. I’ll get something for Mrs. L. though I haven’t any idea of what to get. Thought a record or two might be OK for Claudelle, a box of candy for Thelma, a box of candy for Mother Lewis (the 5# boxes like those we got before). I’ll bring the clock for Reitha & Thelma Lee, a shirt for Daddy Lewis, handkerchiefs or tie or sox for Bob. Think we should give WW a deposit to his % [?].

C.G. Huff’s address is Dept. of Bacteriology and Hygiene, University of Chicago.

Mr. Parrish is going home tomorrow. He has to make a round of traps etc. He will be back during Jan. for about a month. He is just fine.

I haven’t any idea when I can get away. My pigs are not performing as well as one could hope. But it always happens this way during some stages of experimental work. “Facts are stubborn things.”

I certainly love you Honey and I am anxious to see you and W.W. & the folks at Uvalde. Will be glad when I can see you.

I hope you sleep good.