June 19, 1930

June 19th.

My dear Sweetheart,

We spent the day here and found it interesting. This morning we went to Zellwood (about 25 miles) and saw Mr. McNiel. He is a Harned[?] student and his wife is from Tallulah. She is rather pretty (but not as pretty as my wife). They were married a few months ago. Mr. McNiel’s work is interesting. He is studying a mosquito which is peculiar to this locality. There are no sand flies here.

June 19, 1930

June 19, 1930

This PM we called at the headquarters of the Med. fruit fly campaign. Saw Mr. Yothers and his group, then we met others on the eradication campaign. Mr. Kimball, one of Harned’s students is here, in charge of our area.

We are leaving tonight for Jax. Will be there tomorrow morning, then to St. Mary’s, then Savannah. I am getting anxious to see the “promised land.” I am getting enough of Florida. Conditions are not so good down here. Every once in a while another bank fails. Everyone has lost money in property and in bank failures. It makes one feel that he wants to put his money in his shoe.

I certainly hope that Walter White has been sleeping well and that you have been getting along all right. It seems ages since I saw you. We have covered a lot of territory and have seen lots of people and it seems that we should close the trip. I guess I’ll get my return tickets on the last day of June. This seems to be about the time. Hope to see “Jimmy” at Charleston.

With lots of love, Dear, I am