June 21, 1930

Stationery from the Hotel Savannah, “Rates posted and radio in every room.”

Sat. June 21, 1930.

My dear Sweetheart,

We have been on the go all day. This morning we had a sanitary inspector (malaria control) to take us to points on the Island. At noon we met the Georgia Healthcare group of health officers, and had lunch with them. We accompanied them on their tour this PM. This place has most of the mosquito breeding places under control. They have about 300 miles of ditches which permit drainage & minnow access to mosquito breeding places. They are anxious about sand flies. Last Feb they gave quite a bit of annoyance to winter tourists. On April 6 they caused 50 guests to leave. The season was shortened by 3 weeks. Since the hotel is open for only about 4 months during the year, this is quite an item.

June 21, 1930

June 21, 1930

We are going to look around more tomorrow morning and then go to Charleston tomorrow afternoon or night. Savannah has lots of history and several monuments. It has a population of 87000, with 45% negroes. I like the spirit of cooperation but I am not yet sure about living here. It is not a progressive and growing place. I imagine that Charleston is about the same way.

Yesterday PM Bish and I went by the acreage at Jax. He thinks that the investment is a good one. There is some building along the high way, an overhead pass has been made for the group of railroad tracks in Jax, and soon the Lake City highway will be made twice as wide. There are some homes between our acreage and Jax. The old man with the filling station says that no real estate is being sold now but that he thinks the prospects are good for the future.

B just had a letter from Mrs. B. All three of the children were honor students. Bitsie goes to Baltimore every-day with a questionnaire for the Jewish families. I think she has to get 12 each day. During the late summer she is to be a dietician for a girls camp.

I love you, Honey, and I’ll be mighty glad when I get your letters at Charleston.