June 25, 1927

Saturday Night.

My Dear Little Girl,

Yours of Thurs. night was received at noon today. Pretty good service Sam’s postal boys are giving. Also received another Uvalde News today. This makes two since you left.

I am posting the manuscript to Dr. White tonight. He expects to get it into the June issue. Have also made out 5 reports for Dr. Hall telling him where they have some worm problems. Will also post them tonight. Looks as though I’ll have a clean slate for Monday. Will try and get some goat work started Monday.

June 25, 1927

June 25, 1927

Alvis phoned this afternoon. Mrs. Pettit invited me for a noon dinner tomorrow.

Everybody asks about you. I am always telling someone about my wife. Mrs. Brundrett comes to the lab sometimes. Haven’t seen Mrs. Laake. She has so much company now that I’ll go a little later. Mr. Laake is OK now. Mr. Palliet is with them. He is having Dr. Shelmire to treat a skin trouble for him.

The kittens are coming fine. The meat and milk is working wonders. They will soon be cats.

Dr. & Mrs. Roark expect to come down after the first of July. They wanted to rent their apartment to the Bishopps, but the Bishopps don’t know whether they are going to sell their home or not. Bish may go to Wash. by himself.

I love you Sweetheart and you don’t know how often I think of you. I have your photo on my desk.

Time to eat & I will have to take a bath too. This is Sat. nite.

With all my love,

Love to Everybody

On the back of the envelope, in Ina’s handwriting, is “Mr. W.E. Dove, 5113-1/2 Miller’s Court, Dallas, Texas.” Google Street View shows an apartment complex there now.