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September 6, 1942

1st General Medical Laboratory
APO 505
c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.
Sept. 6, 1942

Dear Dr. Dove:

Considerable confidence is placed by some of the British scientists in the use of bactericidal aerosols for the control of air-borne infections, but in my opinion they do not have as practicable or economical way of producing aerosols as that developed by Goodhue. My associates and I feel that something should be done to check the high incidence of upper-respiratory infections contracted on troop transports coming here. We feel that the use of some bactericide like hexylresorcinol (1%) in our type of aerosol on the boats would be of great value in reducing these infections and thus check the tremendous drain on the energy of the troops after their arrival. I think it would be well to discuss this matter with Stone and see what might be initiated from that end. Of course some experimental work would be necessary to determine the solubility of the bactericide in the solvent but I believe that Haller could easily do this. Stone could arrange for us to handle those parts of the investigation necessary on this side.

September 6, 1942

September 6, 1942

I am wondering what arrangements have been made to ship the vaults developed by Latta and Yeomans and the other necessary supplies for use with them. They are likely to be sorely needed before long.

Everything is fine with me. I trust the Washington summer has not been too hard on you and the others. Best regards to all.


August 13, 1942

A.P.O. 505

Dear Dr. Dove:

In connection with the problem I am working on here, we are interested in learning something of the bactericidal action of fumigants against the specific organism involved. Since acrylonitrile appeared to have promise I am wondering if it would be possible to arrange with Dr. Haller to send me a small sample of this material (say 200 c.c.) by mail.

August 13, 1942

August 13, 1942

I shall appreciate also your asking Mr. Latta or Mr. Yeomans to write out and send me instructions for assembling the portable fumigation vault they developed.

If the opportunity affords it might be well to suggest that if it is contemplated sending additional sanitary men here to work on this problem that they be given a short period of instruction under Mr. Latta.

Sincerely yours,

Emory C. Cushing
Major M.S.C.


Dr. Richardson at Beltsville has a gallon of acrylonitrile if Haller has none

Called Richardson at Haller’s suggestion & the former is sending in Sept. 14 200cc of acrylonitrile.

Dr. Neal of the USPHS says acrylonitrile is more toxic than it was first supposed. Better go careful on its use on humans.

Harris & Stokes
Propylene Glycol
1-50 million.

June 11, 1942

Thursday PM.

My Dear Ina,

Your letter was received last night. I think the checks have been delivered by now as additional funds were sent to Atlanta when I wired from Orlando. Please deposit it if this is possible, otherwise you may hold it until I return. Mr. Jones will move into our house and I think we should phone Mr. J. A. Allison realtor, to that effect. We will move into their home on Taussig Ave. It is by far the best place I’ve found. In fact I have found practically nothing in Va. and had looked at some for sale, knowing that it was unwise to purchase. Mr. Jones will leave gas stove, refrigerator & I agreed to leave ours at Orlando for them to use also oil circulator. They will leave groceries, sugar etc. & we can do the same thing on an exchange basis. They will leave on next Thursday & will expect to arrive Orlando about Saturday night. I asked them to take some linens & silver and use our beds. We are to use theirs until the move is made. We do not know the successful bidder yet and we do not know which one will load first. Told them we would leave the key with McKelvey across the street.

June 11, 1942

June 11, 1942

B.M. is expected tomorrow (Fri). Emery is here yet and this has been helpful. I see him for a while every day.

I would not advise a chiropodist for W.W. They are like chiropractors. Believe we should get a physician to remove the two nails without destroying the matrix. Will come as soon as I can & we will manage for W.W. when I get there if you want to wait that long. Would like to come this week end but cannot say just yet.

With love

On the reverse:

June 9, 1942

Dear Dr. Dove:

Since I wrote you yesterday I have learned that you are now chief of the Division. At the time I wrote that letter I was completely mystified as to your new station, and was guessing that you might be taking Dr. Hawkins’ place.

I’ll feel better to write this letter and make this clear, since my letter could, in view of your new position, easily be interpreted in a way not intended. So just consider that as a personal letter written by me without knowledge or suspicion that you were chief. I believe you know my general attitude well enough anyway to understand this.

The surprise, as you well know, was the most pleasant one I have received since being in the Bureau, and I wish you all the good fortune there is.

[illegible initials – SMS?]