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December 30, 1924

Washington D.C.
Dec. 30, 1924.

Dear Ina,

This is some stationery and I am using it to write to a mighty sweet little girl. I am not so sure that she wants me to write to her but when she sent such nice stationery I am going to write anyway.

Today I have been attending the scientific meetings and have found them very interesting. Mr. Bishopp came this morning. I had expected Mr. Parman too, for he is on two papers but I guess Mr. Bishopp will present them.

December 30, 1924

December 30, 1924

I met Prof. Harris of Miss. A&M this noon and have spent most of today with him. He seemed just as interested in me as when I left college and has been quite an inspiration to me. He has been talking to me regarding a PhD degree. He thinks that now is the time for me to work for it. I have been thinking of this for some little time and if possible I want to arrange so that I can get credit for my work with the Bureau.

I am getting along very well with the sectioning and staining and have the causative parasite in sections, but have not made an attempt to have it identified until Mr. Bishopp came up. The problem is out of our domain but if possible I want to arrange to continue the work.

I hope you will let me hear from you often as I enjoy your letters more than you know. I hope the New Year will be the happiest you have ever had.