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December 5, 1935

402 Glenn Bldg.
Dec. 5, 1935.

My dear Sweetheart,

I am encouraged over the report on Walter White and I believe that he is on the way to recovery. Regret very much that I could not stay over in Savannah until he was completely over the Flu. It is pretty hard on you to have two youngsters needing attention all of the time. I am glad we did not have two sets of twins or two sets of quintuplets.

December 5, 1935

December 5, 1935

We are figuring out our program costs with the remainder of our money for the balance of the year. This has to be approved in Washington by the budget office.

Cushing left last night and should be in Washington now. He is pretty familiar with the whole program and is in better shape to take care of our needs. Bish is expected in the S.E. during this month, perhaps about the 15th. Stiles is with us yet and is a problem.

With love to all of you & hoping to see you soon,