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June 23, 1924

In June 1924, Walter was visiting ranches near Uvalde, TX to teach the ranchers how to combat the pernicious screw-worm fly (Cochliomyia hominivorax), which was then wreaking havoc with cattle and sheep. One Sunday, he met a young lady named Ina, but didn’t quite catch her last name. Nonetheless, he was so smitten that he wrote her a letter the next day.

Regan Wells, Tex.
June 23, 1924

Dear Miss Field,

I am taking the liberty to write this because I’d like to have you know that I certainly enjoyed your company Sunday. I only wish that I could have become better acquainted with you, though I feel that I know you quite well.

I started this note just before the dinner bell rang and immediately after eating we went coon hunting at Mr. Miller’s. The ladies didn’t go but I thought of you just the same. Had some fun and caught one good coon. They hunt them here just as they do in Mississippi.

June 23, 1924

June 23, 1924

When I returned Sunday evening Mrs. Taylor said some mighty nice things about you, but I can assure you that they only confirmed my opinion of you. You were a good sport to climb the mountain and get wet, and I wonder if the after effects were good. Have felt that you might have taken a cold, or that the exercise was too much for you.

Miss Ina, I am not sure just now but I believe that I can persuade Mr. Laake and Mr. Brundrette to get along without my assistance Saturday. I would like to come to Uvalde and return Sunday. If it is agreeable to yourself and you have no other engagement, I would like to see you Saturday evening. I presume that you are on duty during the afternoon. If it is not possible to see you Saturday, possibly I could go to church with you Sunday morning. I am not so anxious to go to church but I would like to see you.

Would you drop me a line so that I’ll get it Thursday? Trusting that I may hear from you and hoping that I can see you, I am,

Your friend,
Walter E. Dove