September 4, 1925

Friday Night 9/4.

My Dear Sweetheart,

I am happy tonight – both letters came at one time. They were short and sweet and as usual they hit the spot.

It was awfully nice of you, Dear, to say that you would cook all three meals if I thought my digestion would stand it. You can bet your life that my digestion can stand it and I already know that you are a dandy little cook. Too, your taste is very similar to mine and I know that both of us will enjoy the meals. I guess I’ll have to drink coffee by myself but this will be all right. Mother Lewis is a good cook and from what I know of your cooking, I know that you are a good one too. I am looking forward with pleasure to yours.*

September 29, 1925

September 29, 1925

I agree with you and the minister who preached that The World is Getting Better. Years ago everyone had a high fence around the house and on the inside of the yard they had a ferocious dog. Lots of them have gotten rid of the dog and some have taken part of the fence down. I have particular reference to homes in the cities, as both the fence and dog are often necessary in homes on ranches and farms.

I am going to Jax again tomorrow morning and I guess I’ll be up there most of the day. Dr. White will stay down here. It makes a pretty hard day and he is older than I. He goes in the surf about twice each day and has quite a coat of tan, much more than I have. I believe that he is going to invest in a lot or two here on the beach. He thinks it is mighty fine and that the beach will develop. I believe it will, but I also believe that I made a better purchase at Fulford. I’ll be down there the latter part of the month and will investigate the present value. You did not mention the idea of a homestead, and I guess that it did not strike you favorably. I won’t consider it if you do not approve of it. I want you to know, Dear, that I have no idea of giving you any undesirable place to live. I want it to be such that both of us will enjoy it and I am going to do my best to make it that way.

You mean the world to me and I love you lots and lots and lots.

With a sweet goodnight, I am,

Yours always & forever,

* Walter was a true gentleman.